30 July 2008

Another Flickr photo

Love this image I found on Flickr uploaded by ranhar2 - what an addictive site.

24 July 2008

#7 RSS and libraries

What is the value of RSS for libraries? RSS is way of communicating changes in website content. Email alerts/subscription is another way of doing it electronically. Often the two methods would both be offered where appropriate. There are a few places on the website where libraries have been using newsfeeds:
I will add to the list as I come across more examples.

23 July 2008

#7 Searching for feeds (2)

I looked at each of the search engines listed. There wasn't anything in terms of news topics that I wanted to subscribe to when I browsed Topix and Syndic8. With Technorati I found lots of interesting blogs that tempted me to subscribe! (I have bookmarked instead.) Google Blog Search is easy to use as well as Google News. Perhaps it is because Google is familiar, but also it is less cluttered and thus easier to find useful information.

Another easy way to find and subscribe to websites is to use the latest versions of your browser. I use Firefox and the subscription icon appears in the URL address text box if the webpage has feed subscription options listed. You just click on the icon and it gives the option to select your newsreader - quick and easy. Internet Explorer 7 has a similar feature. The rss icon is next to the 'home' icon on the toolbar. (Both Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 can be freely downloaded.)

21 July 2008

#7 Exploring feeds (1)

I have set up a Bloglines account some time ago and found it a wonderful tool to keep up to date with websites I am interested in. It's like making your own web magazine with websites you are interested in - quick and easy.

But a word of warning: There are so much to look at that it is easy to suffer from information overload. When I first discovered feed subscription I subscribed to a whole slew of sites - everything from library related blogs, general news feeds, gardening, crafts, etc. It quickly lead to information overload, which is a common occurence in the beginning when exploring new resources. The antidote: delete, delete and delete again!! Now I only have subscriptions to websites that I really want to watch and I bookmarked the other blogs that I read whenever I want to catch up.

One of the features that is useful in Bloglines is that you can mark a post/article that you want to keep new (or on the list). (Once you clicked on the link on your 'playlist' Bloglines assumes you have read the posts/articles of listed. So when you close that list the articles are deleted from the list.) By marking the Keep it new box, the article will still be there the next time you check that link. It's like having an online clippings file. There are other ways of making an online clippings file, but this is a handy way of making a temporary one.

17 July 2008

#6 Tecnology tools

How do you choose between the useful technology tools? Here are a few I use frequently:
  • The cell phone: How did parents find out where their children are and why are they not home yet (that is of course if the children remembered to charge their phones before going out and keep it switched on) without this handy gadget?
  • The digital camera: Isn't it wonderful to be able to take loads of pictures and then select and delete to your hearts content, and send them by email to family and friends at no extra cost.
  • MP3 players. Load all the family's favourite music onto this tiny device and you don't need to take a stack of cds with on holiday.
  • The World Wide Web - didn't that open up horizons! Information a click away, entertainment whenever you feel like it. My personal favourites are discussion lists and wikis.
  • Video/DVD player to watch the movies/programs you missed whenever you have time for them.
There are many more technology tools/applications I am using on a daily basis without being conscious of it. But I must say that I still have favourite older technology - knitting needles, gardening tools and of course the book. (Have a look at this video about Introducing the book.)

#5 Have fun with Flickr

Did I have fun! Lots of time spent again looking at some amazing images. After selecting a few to add to my favourites list, I decided to make a mosaic using the applications on the Flickr toys website. I saved the image and here it is:

#4 Exploring Flickr

Phew, what a time drain! Looking at all the fascinating pictures just makes time fly past. I especially enjoyed the beautiful embroidery photos - inspiring! Some very interesting images when using the colour tags, and from the different countries as well. Wish I could spend more time on this.

PS: I think it is important to read the security notice posted on the Flickr blog